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Providing caring, quality medical services for Kansas City

The Urgency Room

Caring doctors and clean facilities are what you expect out of your local medical clinic.  You can rest easy knowing that the Urgency Room goes above and beyond the minimum to deliver top quality Urgent Care in a safe, clean and speedy environment. You can expect experienced caring medical providers, quality treatment, and a friendly and compassionate staff.  We provide effective healthcare services for urgent care, and occupational medicine.

Our Vision:

To exceed the expectations of our patients and become the premier extended-hours urgent care provider in the Kansas City and surrounding communities.

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NextCare Holdings, Inc.

NextCare Urgent Care opened the doors as one of the first urgent care centers in Arizona in 1993. With a staff of less than ten people, they worked tirelessly to promote the benefits of urgent care as a convenient and affordable solution to overcrowded emergency rooms. From the very beginning, NextCare Urgent Care’s mission was to exceed patient expectations and provide compassionate care to every person that walked through the doors. Today, growing strong as one of the nation’s leading providers of urgent care with over 100 nationwide, NextCare’s mission remains the same as its leaders continually set new patient satisfaction benchmarks in the health care industry.  

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